Welcome to the website of the COSBI (Computational and Systems Biology) group.   Our research focuses on systems biology in the broad field of computational biology.

Biology is increasingly becoming data-driven and computational approaches reach all aspects of medicine – from understanding the disease to developing therapies. We are mostly interested in protein-protein interactions and we develop computational methods (such as using machine learning, or molecular docking,…) to predict protein interactions at genome scale.

Protein-protein interactions are at the center of inter- and  intra-cell communication and signaling. Many diseases such as cancer involve malfunctioning proteins which result in erroneous signaling. We focus on precision medicine, more specifically how proteins interact and how genomic variations and mutations rewires signaling and it relates to diseases, particularly  cancer.

  • Develop computational methods and approaches for large scale structural modeling of protein-protein interactions
  • Develop methods to find critical residues (energy hotspots) at the protein-protein interfaces
  • Integrate 3D structural data of protein-protein complexes in signaling pathways that play important roles in cancer and other dieseases
  • We use  our protein–protein interactions prediction tool (PRISM) which is able to carry out accurate predictions on the proteome scale to construct the structural networks of signaling pathways
  • Provide maintain databases and computational services of the methods developed in the group to the community.

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